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Trucking Insurance for commercial truck drivers

What Does Commercial Trucking Insurance Cover?

Commercial trucking insurance is similar to commercial auto insurance in basic coverage, such as liability, comprehensive, collision and other types of coverage that are specific to business vehicle use.  A commercial trucking policy is designed to protect your business from significant losses that could affect your company’s financial well being.

Commercial trucking insurance policies combine several different types of coverage – some are required and some are optional. A typical policy includes some combination of the following:

Primary Liability

Every trucker/trucking company who operates under their own authority is required to carry primary liability coverage on all owned units and either provide this insurance for their leased vehicles or ensure that the leased operator carries it on their own.  Generally, the motor carrier provides this coverage for the leased operators but there are rare instances when this is not the case.

  • Limits up to $5 Million
  • Uninsured Coverage
  • Underinsured Coverage
  • Property Damage
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Additional Insureds Available

Physical Damage

Provides coverage for repair or replacement due to damage resulting from a covered loss (collision, fire, theft, hail, windstorm, earthquake, flood, mischief, or vandalism) to owned vehicles.

  • Stated Value on commercial vehicles
  • Actual Cost and Replacement Cost Values on PPV’s
  • Low Rates on Total Insured Values
  • Deductible options from $0 to $5,000
  • Non-owned Trailers
  • Trailer Interchange Coverage
  • Roadside Assistance Options

Cargo Insurance

Provides coverage for loss or damage to the property a truck is transporting (the load). Generally, though not always, provided by the motor carrier for leased operators.

  • Many cargo categories available
  • Limits up to $250,000
  • Deductibles from $0 to $5,000
  • Reefer Breakdown

Truckers General Liability

Simply put, General Liability guards you, your business, and your employees from claims involving bodily injury or property damage born out of your business operations. These policies cover the expense of out-of-court settlements, litigation and judgments awarded by courts.

  • “General Liability”
  • Limits up to $10 Million
  • Low Premium Cost
  • Additional Insureds Available

Occupational Accident

Product designed specifically for owner operators in the trucking industry. In most states, by being self-employed owner operators can opt out of state mandated workers compensation coverage. While not the same as workers compensation, occ/acc is similar in scope and intent.

Most motor carriers require their leased operators to be covered either by workers compensation or occ/acc at the leased operators expense. For those who qualify, occ/acc is generally a lower cost alternative.

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